As there is a high demand for organic food for personal health. Organic food is really amazing food for body that can be eaten, but indeed organic food coast almost twice the as much as conventional food. However organic food have many more benefits than normal food.                                                       
You have heard many time that what Is organic food really? It is organically food production and has scientific medical literature. Organic food is many more important than normal food is it has many benefits for you and body. It is full of nutrients, protein, vitamins and many more.
Organic food has wide range of groceries, fruits and vegetables. Organic meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products come from animals that are given to no of antibiotics of growth hormones. Organic food is produced without using any conventional food, pesticides and fertilizer.                                                           


Organic food is grown through proper process without any additional inorganic chemicals. They have high nutritional value, crops grown in proper climate and region. Does not affect body and health, and you should use for baby till his age becomes 15.
It is produced in environment perspective fertilizing, over production and pesticides in conventional farming. Chemicals, fertilizer and pesticides are avoided in organic farming.                         




Organic food has the highest essential nutrient that can make your body best. It is also benefit for fitness, and does not have any antioxidant than the conventional is grown without any chemicals and fertilizers, toxins and antioxidant. And the soil which have high fertile growth. crops can be grown in higher range.

Thus children get more benefit and parents also refer to take organic food which has more fiber products and offering better option for choosing the organic product produced without any cause.
Organic food can be eaten daily but it also has causes as it is organic farming or because of airborne pesticides from conventional farm. More use of organic food is also harmful, be sure to take organic food properly.

Organic food can also help to maintain diet there are many products available at the stores which are not so coast. After making sure that your diet is balanced, you can eat conventional food but in limit. There are many juices also available for breakfast also.
Organic food are mostly fresh and has more number of choices for consumption. Organic food is mainly GMO-free (genetically modified organism) food and plants DNA cannot be found commonly everywhere.

Organic food is obtained by organic farming and it is friendly to environment you can find a great diversity in organic. Organic food does not have an hydrogenated fats, but in non-organic food can increase your fats, if you are not maintaining proper diet in food.
However organic farming can be done and it is possible to produce a conventionally grown fruit and vegetables. Try to eat more organic fruit and vegetable which gives you a carbohydrate and starch it can be rice, bread, pasta, cereals and potato for your breakfast.                                                         


Organic vegetables are grown by the methods that are completely comply with the standards organic farming. Organic vegetables are produced through proper ecological balance and through proper cycle. Which maintain growth of vegetables and can converse the biodiversity.
In earlier age many countries require specific certification for the growth of organic farming. Kitchen garden may be actually organic farming and can be sell within the areas. But there may be sum differences in nutrient and antinutrient content of organically and conventional food.

Here are some Organic vegetables examples that has high protein, nutrient, healthy.
Organic vegetables examples are avocados, sweet corn, pineapples, sweet peas, onions, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, cabbage, sweet corn. potatoes, cabbage, sweet corn.


Organic fruits are different from normal fruit which we eat on daily basis. Even if there is protein and nutrient in normal fruit but the quality in organic fruit has more then the normal fruit. There are many shops near your area which can have organic fruits. You can also by organic fruit by ordering online.
The difference between organic fruit and regular fruit are how they are grown. For example organic vegetables and organic food is produced without synthetic( homemade) pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer.
The taste of delicious apples which does not have any waxy coating on apples is so delicious to eat.
Some of the examples of organic fruits are apples, peaches, strawberries, grapes, potatoes, spinach, and many more examples.                                                         


In the earlier organic farming were used to practiced a lot, but now as we have seen industrial area is increasing day by day. All people want life easy and fast.
All country are becoming developing nation and technology are growing because of this the farm fields are decreasing, that’s why organic farming are decreasing. In future it will come a day where organic foods and organic farming will not be seen. Or the organic vegetables, fruits, etc. will be very coast.

But now some of the people are trying to keep organic farming in India. For future to keep organic farming vegetables, fruits, dairy products etc. in India.               


The benefits of organic farming is that organic food does not consume any chemical fertilizer or any pesticides which is hazardous for health as well as environment.
Organic farming reduce pollution, soil erosion, increase soil fertility and also conserve water. Organic farming without any pesticide is also benefit for environment and health. And it is also benefit for birds and animals and people who live near by area.

This is the main reason that organic food is better for environment.
Also the benefit organic farming is it does not require any chemical crop for more growth, organic farming can grow more crops without any fertilizer.
Farmer also have some unique techniques that can practice in organic farming and they get benefit out of it such as they can make use of natural resources as a fertilizer for crop, and can also make it ecofriendly sustainable growth.

Organic meat and milk have the highest nutrient growth till now it has high protein, vitamins, etc. Also organic dairy and meat provide us many health benefits.
Organic dairy examples are milk, yogurt, buttermilk, ice cream, and many more.
The science study tells us that organic milk is considered as the highest vitamin E, iron all these are present in the organic milk.
Organic meat has high production which tends to improve health and can cause less environmental impact. There is always a nutritional difference between organic meat and non-organic meat all of us are convinced that organic meat for your health and for the environment also.
Organic meat examples are chicken, eggs.


Organic crops are grown with natural resources and does not have an hazardous waste and organic are good for healthy body.
Crops and grain are grown with natural method and does not have hybrid crops.
Pests are also controlled with natural manner such as birds and insect traps.     


Non-organic are grown with chemical pesticides that are hazardous for health.
Crops are controlled with hybrid methods.
Pests are controlled with synthetic methods.


Livestock is given a natural antibiotic hormone that is GMO-free.
The disease is cured with natural methods for example healthy diet, and natural medicines.                                                         


Livestock are given hybrid medicines for faster growth which are non-organic GMO free.
Antibiotics are given to prevent disease.
You may not know that there are some bad effects of organic food also, such as organic have high nutrition but organic fruit and organic vegetable it does not have any artificial preservatives and it does not remain for longer time to eat.

Organic food have twice the price than conventional food has. Always eating organic food is not also good for health due to which healthier nonequivalent habit produces. Here is some information about organic food, farming, dairy and meat I hope you would like it so don’t forget to drop a comment and also share to your friends who need to know this information.

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